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FSNZ Newsletter Januar 2020

(Englischer Beitrag)

Dear Friends of FSNZ,

Welcome to 2020 new decade, new successes new challenges!

I welcome you to 2020 with joy and expectation. It is indeed a new year and we are facing it with the necessary expectation and tenacity.

Project status

As is widely known, Zimbabwe is going through a drought season that is concerning for all Zimbabweans and particularly concerning for our farmers who rely on rain water for irrigation for their fields. Under the NAK project we have had to focus on vegetable crops and legumes that have a guaranteed market. However we are all holding our breath looking forward to the coming rains to irrigate the seedlings so that they are ready for transplant. Without rains our crop will be heavily affected. In some areas in Makoni there is significant maize crop distress and a little rain will go a long way in saving the crop.

Cabbage seedlings hand irrigated
Butternut seedlings in Makoni

The President’s office in Goromonzi District has not lifted the embargo on our activities as well as the activities of ZOPPA so we are unable to access Svosve which is one of the key intervention areas.  Our efforts of engaging Mr Kumbawa who was a magistrate in the district have not borne any fruit. We have kept NAK in the loop of all the developments in Zimbabwe.

Progress Christian Aid

At the end of 2019, Christian aid was doing a due diligence as a process necessary for funding. We are waiting for the report of their findings.

Partnership with KAITE Verein

As was communicated at the meeting in 2019 as well as to Katja and Linda, as FSNZ we are appreciative of all the financial support that we have received from KAITE Verein. As part of growth we would like to focus more on technical support whereby FSNZ can share ideas or ask questions or advice. This will also help us become more creative in seeking funding and partnerships that will eventually make us an independent organization in the long run which is our ambition.


At the end of 2019, we managed to establish our website. Please visit us on fairtradesupportnetwork.org. This website is a testament of the hard work that Linda and Katja out in when they came to visit us in 2019. Through their input we were able to streamline ourselves and our identity as a service provide aimed towards restoring dignity in farming for small scale producers. Please let us know what you think of the website.

Allow me once again to wish you a prosperous 2020 filled with personal successes and good health.

With regards,

Shamiso Mungwashu


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