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The story of Kuda from Kambuzuma (english)

At the age of 15, Kuda Samuriwo was referred to the Kambuzuma drop-in centre by the local clinic. Without medication and without an orphanage to take him to, they were faced with a dire situation. This young man was about to die of hunger and sickness right before them. He could barely walk or talk and the family had given up on him.


Fairtrade Support Network Zimbabwe received him from the clinic after talking with the care givers and began to provide meals for him and monitor him as he took his medication. Added to this, we took the responsibility of taking him for medical treatment and slowly began to see improve-ments.


Whilst he does not have the agility of a child his age yet, Kuda can now walk and talk and he is talking about going back to school again. He managed to go with the other children to the annual trip and enjoyed playing games with them. When tired he would sit down, however the sparkle in his once lifeless eyes were a clear sign that he has once again started to dream that tomorrow is possible to live through and do many things.




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